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Fuar Taşımacılığı

In the field of Fair Transportation, which is our main field of activity, we solve your transportation works perfectly with the planning we make in a way that will provide maximum benefit with minimum cost and risk for you. Fair logistics work includes the transportation of the materials to be exhibited in the relevant fair by the companies participating in any fair held abroad, to the country where the fair will be held after the necessary customs procedures, and placing them on the stand of the exhibitor firm, and the same material being brought back to Turkey and delivered to the firm at the end of the fair.

International fair transports are transports that require detailed planning, meticulous operation, and careful timing, in which coordination at every stage between the logistics service provider company and the participating companies gains great importance.

What is Fair? Why It Is Organized?

A fair is a market established for a certain period of time to develop trade. These markets, where buyers and sellers come together and make business deals, are usually set up in the same places and at regular intervals for a few weeks on the same date each year. These exhibitions can be about a single business line or a single branch of a certain business line, or they can cover all kinds of products and services.[1]

Many companies participate in national and international fairs in order to reach their potential customers easily. States give incentives and supports to the companies that want to participate in the fairs organized for reasons such as the development of trade in their countries and the increase in exports, and thus they try to lighten the burdens of the companies. [2]

What is Fair Transport?

Fair & Event Transportation includes the safe transportation of the materials required for the fairs and events, or the products and auxiliary materials to be used in the fair, to the fairground. Fair logistics services are a sensitive type of logistics. With fair transportation, the products, construction equipment, decor materials and all of the products to be promoted or sold at the fair must be delivered and prepared on time before the event dates begin. National and international events and fairs are constantly held on different dates around the world. Many companies from our country participate in these domestic and foreign fairs. Keeping the products and materials in the fair area safely and on time and transporting them back at the end of the fair is an extra challenge for the companies outside the fair. In order for companies to spend their strength on their own promotions at fairs, it is important to take this burden off the companies and make them feel more comfortable. For this reason, fair transportation is of critical importance for companies.

Odak Logistic carries out fair transportation operations without any problems thanks to its experience gained over 20 years and its reliable partners. Planned event transportation, which does not allow any disruption in the fair logistics process, has ensured that companies are satisfied with their services in many fairs and events so far.

Fair transportation can be done by using all types of transportation or by using a mixture of them. If the fair will be held at a close distance, highway transport is preferred as a priority. If the event is to be transported in a remote location or if the transportation conditions require it, sea or air logistics are also used.

What are the Advantages of Fair Transportation with Odak Logistic?

Odak Logistics has been established in such a way that it can carry out fair transportation effectively and on time. Thanks to the experience of being in the sector for many years, all possible problems are included in the plans at the very beginning and precautions are taken. In transportation where timing is very important, unnecessary costs are not incurred by preventing the products from being damaged on the way, early or late delivery.

Fair Logistics represents an important tool to increase the competitiveness of Trade and has a core mission that includes the improvement and expansion of non-traditional logistics trade routes, more efficient use of multi-modal transport, better management sustainable transport loads, promoting and increasing.[3]

Hassle-Free Fair Logistics Services

Fair transportation preparations may differ from country to country, and the needs of similar companies participating in the same fair may differ from each other. These factors increase the importance of the preparation stage in both paperwork and packaging, and require special services to be provided to each participant company in line with their needs. The domestic preparation process has to be concluded with a joint work with the agencies and partners in the country where the fair is held. This requires the partners in the country where the fair will be held to be extremely reliable and experienced. Odak Logistics has taken its place among the few companies of Turkey in the field of international fair transportation by acting in the light of these facts.

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