Odak Logistics main field of activity is international fair logistics. This logistics work includes the transportation of the materials to be exhibited in the relevant fair by the companies participating in any fair held abroad, to the country where the fair will be held after the necessary customs procedures, and putting them on the stand of the exhibitor firm, and the same material being brought back to Turkey and delivered to the firm after the fair ends.

International fair transports are transports that require detailed planning, meticulous operation, and careful timing, in which the coordination between the logistics service provider company and the participating companies at every stage is of great importance.

Fair transportation preparations may differ from country to country, and the needs of similar companies participating in the same fair may differ from each other. These factors increase the importance of the preparation stage in both paperwork and packaging, and require special services to be provided to each participant company in line with their needs. The domestic preparation process has to be concluded with a joint work with the agencies and partners in the country where the fair is held. This requires the partners in the country where the fair will be held to be extremely reliable and experienced. Odak Logistics has taken its place among the few companies in Turkey in the field of international fair transportation by acting in the light of these facts.

Fair Logistics

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